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Tips On Tipping

RRP $20.99

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What do you tip the bellboy in Botswana? Should you give
a gratuity on top of the service charge in a Parisian
restaurant? Is it good practice to pay a Casablanca snake
charmer if you wish to take his photo? Everyone who
travels, whether for business or pleasure, has suffered
the embarrassment caused by not knowing when or how much
to tip. Now Bradt's Tipping offers the answers in a
convenient, pocket-sized guide covering more than 130
countries. With black and white illustrations and
photographs throughout, the book additionally features
light-hearted personal anecdotes and tips drawn from the
authors' careers in travel. Carole French is a BBC-
trained journalist, former newspaper business editor, a
respected travel and real-estate journalist and the
author of several guidebooks. The late Reg Butler enjoyed
a long and varied career in journalism.

Tips On Autism

RRP $12.99

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Autism is one of the world's most extensively studied pervasive development disorders. However, despite widespread studies on its different aspects, there is little overall understanding of its causes and potential cures. Often sufferers of autism display tremendous cognitive abilities, which have led some to assert it is simply a difference from the norm rather than a disorder. Nevertheless, people suffering from autism, particularly more advanced and aggressive autism-related disorders frequently require the help of parents and caregivers to carry out their daily functions. This books aims to enlist a comprehensive number of effective tips to help parents and caregivers take care of those who have autism.

Disney Tips & Secrets

RRP $18.99

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UPDATED and EXPANDED for 2014 to include coverage of the all new FastPass+, 40 brand new BONUS tips, and more than 25 NEW photos! Now packed with 240 tips to help yousave TIME and MONEY!

Prepare for your journey to the "Happiest Place on Earth" - Walt Disney World!

Experience a magical Disney vacation with Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney World Vacation. Whether you're going to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or Epcot, we've got you covered withover 200 Disney World tips and secrets to save time and MONEY while taking the stress out of your Disney vacation planning.

If you're heading to Disney's water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, Disney Tips & Secrets will ensure you're prepared to splash into the fun! The Disney Insider team has spentTHOUSANDS of hours INSIDE THE PARKS of Walt Disney World over the past five years, carefully tracking and logging experiences to compile tips & tricks that will be invaluable to you on your Disney vacation.

In Disney Tips & Secrets: Unlocking the Magic of a Walt Disney World Vacation you'll discover things like:

  • Where is the secret exit at Magic Kingdom that will help you beat the crowds after the fireworks? (Tip #101)
  • What's the quickest way to Splash Mountain & Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? (Tip #97)
  • How can you save TONS of money on Disney souvenirs? (Tip #67)
  • Where are the best spots to see the "Wishes" fireworks show? (Tips #89-91)
  • Where can you find the cheapest soft drinks (from all over the world) in Walt Disney World? (Tip #118)
  • What is the most unique (and colorful) stage show at Disney? (Tip #219)
  • How can you beat the lines at the busiest ride in all of Walt Disney World? (Tip #155)
  • How to maximize your enjoyment of Disney's awesome water parks? (Chapter 9)
  • How to take the BEST Disney vacation photos & videos? (Chapter 10)
  • Where is the absolute BEST place to sit on Soarin'? (Tip #231)
  • What's the secret to landing those 'impossible to get' restaurant reservations? (Tips #235-237)

Whether it's your first visit to Walt Disney World Orlando, or your 40th, you'll find TONS of useful tips to use as you plan your vacation, AND while you're IN THE PARKS! Discover hidden paths and a secret exit from The Magic Kingdom to avoid the crowds at the end of your day. Beat the crowds as you head for the monorail back to the parking lots or your hotel. Learn the secrets to getting great wildlife photos at Animal Kingdom, and the best way to photograph Disney's AWESOME closing shows: "Wishes" at Magic Kingdom, Epcot's "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth", and Hollywood Studios' "Fantasmic!"

If you're staying off of Disney property, discover the secret to avoiding Disney traffic. Find out how to scorebig vacation savings with free Disney dining plans too. There's a section on trip planning, tips for getting there, and even tips onhow to get the BEST Disney pictures and video to capture the memories of your Disney Vacation. Come along with us on a magical Walt Disney World vacation! Bring along the Disney Orlando tour guide that brings you Disney tips & secrets that you won't find anywhere else, presented in easy to understand language- with a little humor too! You'll find more than70 photos to enhance the magic of your Disney experience.

(Please note: Due to the extremely high cost of color printing, photos in the paperback version are in black and white.)

Join the fun- and let the memories begin!

Social Change And Women's Reproduction Health Care

RRP $256.99

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Changing attitudes and social behavior as well as rapid technological progress are having great impact on women's reproductive health care. In addition to addressing the clinical implications of these new issues, this volume provides a useful and concise text for practitioners of obstetrics and gynecology. Because it deals with the ubiquitous emotional aspects of reproductive health care it will also be of interest to nonspecialists and interested lay readers.

A Thousand Tips For Dads

RRP $13.99

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This is a list of a thousand tips and bits of advice for fathers. I am a father of two sons, one is 19, the other is 7. I was a single father throughout my first son's life until I met my wife. I've been a stay at home dad since the little guy was born, as well as home-schooling him for kindergarten and first grade. Most of my tips are common sense.-Have patience, and then when you have none left, somehow have more patience.-Don't just tell them you love them, constantly show your children and your partner how much you do.-Action always speaks louder than words. -Teach your children, don't leave it up to babysitters and schools to do it.-Be the parent, be the grown up. Sometimes it's a difficult, messy job, but it's yours not theirs. -Keep family at the center of everything, closely surrounded by friends. -There is never a reason to be bored. That includes yourself.-Show respect, give respect, teach respect. -Have fun! Try to remember what it was like to be their age and commit to imagination right along side them!-Take care of yourself, set good examples of healthy living. Instill that in your children. -Practice unconditional love and awareness in your daily lives as a family. This is my very honest, humorous, and straight forward guide to help out any dad looking for answers or a head's up to the many questions that come along with having children. I have learned a tremendous amount about being a good father, and husband, and how to be a good man in general, along the way. As well as a million other things I never even thought I'd want or need to know! There is no doubt that raising children is a serious, tremendous, and important job. But it is also filled with more joy and laughter and excitement than anything else I have ever done or come across! Enjoy, and Happy Fathering!Originally published in fifty pieces on my blog,


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